Been to St. George? Well, there’s lots of really big families. Lots and lots. And the entire families come to the crags…at least the ones easily accessible. There were cribs. CRIBS! And toys. I almost took one from a little boy and broke it. I would of said something like, “Ha, whose your daddy now little kid?” but I know better and his actual dad was a fairly large guy. (St. Geogians don’t know better. They don’t care if they bring a hundred kids to the crag, pooping and screaming and showing off their really cool, little kid toys. God damn they’re cool toys.) So now that I’ve got that off my back I can say that the climbing is good in St. George and here’s some pictures of some really cool climbing - and guess what kids, I got a really hot girlfriend!

Two climbers in a van eating m&m's