Michy’s first mountain! Just one day after leaving Portland (and boy-o-boy was it fun seeing everyone and playing and being lazy and resting [my bicep is feeling much better!] and now we already miss everyone and the ‘Portland Life’) we drove to Cle Elum and began our trek to the West Ridge of Mt. Stuart. We had the place all to ourselves (the only people to summit for four days) and loved every minute of it. On the climb we only had to rope up for the North Face pitches, which goes to show just how much of a mountain goat Michy is! And, there were so many mountain goats too, and they gave Michy the EBGB’s every time she went to the bathroom. I had to defend her by throwing rocks at the ones who tried to get pee from the tap! On the way out we passed over a hundred people: mainly day-hikers, but some climbers and backpackers too, and realized that life in the van is awesome - we can climb whenever we want and don’t have to wait for the stinking weekends to get out! Ani rotzeh l’tapes har (PS we’re learning Hebrew).

Two climbers in a van eating m&m's